Automotive Window Tinting

Signature Glass Tinting offers nothing but the absolute best automotive window film. We have literately hand picked our window film line up from the best manufacturers in the world. Each and every product has something to offer, for some its all about the look, others need a Skin Cancer Foundation recommended product and other’s need something that offers the absolute best heat rejection possible. Below is a list of the products that we have to offer along with the manufacturers specifications. You will also find below a link to the very popular LLumar Automotive Window Film Viewer, an on-line photo gallery and our Youtube Channel. We hope these links will help you find the best film for your specific vehicle.

Benefits of Automotive Window Tinting





Choose an Automotive Window Film Product for your Project

LLumar ATC

The LLumar ATC is the absolute best deep dyed polyester window film on the market today. We have been offering the ATC for over 10 years, talk about a proven track record. This is the film that all the other manufacturers try and copy. If you have an SUV or a new pick-up truck, the ATC will match your factory tinted glass. The ATC is a true, clean, sophisticated “black” looking window film that will improve the looks of any type of car. Whether you drive a sexy coupe or the family 4 door sedan, the ATC offers the look that you desire. The ATC is signal friendly and will not interrupt any of today’s modern electronic systems. The ATC will filter 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays and help eliminate the annoying Southern California afternoon glare.

  • 50% – 26% heat rejection SIRR 29% – 99% UV protection
  • 35% – 35% heat rejection SIRR 29% – 99% UV protection
  • 20% – 41% heat rejection SIRR 29% – 99% UV protection
  • 15% – 44% heat rejection SIRR 29% – 99% UV protection
  • 05% – 47% heat rejection SIRR 29% – 99% UV protection

LLumar CTX “Ceramic”

When it comes to ceramic window films the LLumar CTX is considered by some to be the pioneer of the industry. The CTX offers superior heat rejection, very similar to the high performance metallic and titanium window films that ruled the road back at the turn of the century. Heat rejection and glare control is what the CTX has to offer. The LLumar CTX is a ceramic film designed to work with today’s modern vehicle electronic systems. The CTX has a proven track record, 2nd to no other automotive window film in it’s class on the market today. The CTX will filter 99% of the harmful ultraviolet rays and best of all offers superior heat rejection compared to high performance and carbon style window films.

  • 50% – 35% heat rejection SIRR 68% – 99% UV protection
  • 40% – 47% heat rejection SIRR 69% – 99% UV protection
  • 30% – 49% heat rejection SIRR 68% – 99% UV protection
  • 15% – 55% heat rejection SIRR 69% – 99% UV protection
  • 05% – 60% heat rejection SIRR 79% – 99% UV protection

LLumar AIR BLUE “Ceramic”

Protect yourself and your passengers from the harmful sun’s rays. The LLumar AIR BLUE is an automotive film that provides extremely effective protection from both UV and IR rays that normally penetrate automotive window glass. The AIR BLUE was specifically manufactured to work with your car’s electronic accessories and will not interfere with cell phones, radios, radar detectors or today’s modern GPS and active cruise control systems. The AIR BLUE is very popular for those looking to tint their two front doors here in California and comply with local window tinting laws. Originally the AIR BLUE was the first automotive window film manufactured for the front windshield, Skin Cancer Foundation recommended offering 99.9% UV protection. The AIR BLUE will not alter the look of MPV and SUV factory tinted rear windows but will filter the harmful UV and unwanted heat. If you are happy with the look of your car windows but demand a higher level of performance, then the LLumar AIR BLUE is the film for you.

  • 80% – 43% heat rejection SIRR 85% – 99.9% UV protection
  • 90% – 30% heat rejection SIRR 57% – 99.9% UV protection

Madico Black Pearl  “Nano-Ceramic”

The Madico Black Pearl, Nano-Ceramic window film is one of the most exciting new products we have ever offered. The Black Pearl is a very unique hybrid style window film that offers amazing IR heat rejection along with a true dark charcoal grey look. The Black Pearl is not green or blue like a lot of the other IR films on the market today. Best of all the Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic is affordable, never before were we able to offer a high infrared heat rejection window film for around the same price as a regular ceramic window film. The Black Pearl Nano-Ceramic is a metal free, infrared absorbing window film that works great with today’s modern vehicle electronics. This film is available in five different shades and is backed by a Lifetime manufacturers warranty.

  • 55% – 50% heat rejection IR 87% – 99% UV protection
  • 45% – 53% heat rejection IR 89% – 99% UV protection
  • 35% – 54% heat rejection IR 87% – 99% UV protection
  • 20% – 57% heat rejection IR 87% – 99% UV protection
  • 05% – 63% heat rejection IR 88% – 99% UV protection

Wincos “Nano-Ceramic”

Wincos is a spectrally selective automotive window film that offers extreme IR heat rejection. Today’s state-of-the-art cars need a state-of-the-art window film. Wincos’ breakthrough technology offers drivers amazing heat rejection without the look of dark, tinted windows. The Wincos offers comfort, reduces the harmful UV radiation and best of all helps keep your car cool. Hybrids and electric vehicles benefit from a next generation window film like the Wincos. Reducing around 90% of the unwanted infrared radiation will help extend your vehicles kilowatt mileage. Wincos is one of just a few automotive window films on the market today that offers a factory-backed lifetime, NO FADE warranty. Signature Glass Tinting has been offering the Wincos since 2008 and we have never had a single window fail. The Wincos may be the best window film in the world.

  • 60% – 44% heat rejection IR 91% IR – 99% UV protection
  • 45% – 49% heat rejection IR 88% IR – 99% UV protection
  • 30% – 53% heat rejection IR 91% IR – 99% UV protection
  • 20% – 57% heat rejection IR 90% IR – 99% UV protection
  • 10% – 64% heat rejection IR 91% IR – 99% UV protection

If you have any additional questions about the automotive window tint that is offered by Signature Glass Tinting, please contact us today by calling our office at (949) 515-TINT (8468). We would be happy to answer all of your questions about your particular application.